Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What's In A Name?

It has been a while since last I wrote something to you. In the meanwhile, do not think I have not been at work here in the cold mountains near Sunrise Ski Resort in Arizona.

Confusion is afoot. Having a common-ish name like Nancy Turner can lead to mix-ups, and has. I am not the Nancy J. Turner who writes micro-biology texts. Nor am I the Nancy Turner born in 1930, who wrote something called "Having Fun With It: The Man Hater's Project." (They have even included my bio and photograph!) I AM however, the Nancy E. Turner who wrote These Is My Words, attributed to Anne E. Turner on an old edition for sale on Amazon. Seriously, if you're going to pin my name to something, at least have it be a book with huge royalties!

Titles for my novels are something I spend months deciding. To me, they are the perfect, absolutely only possible, all encompassing name for the book into which I have spent two to three years of my heart's life and blood. Yet, titles are: 1) NOT COPYRIGHT-ABLE; and 2) certain to be changed by your publisher. Often that is a good thing, but sometimes not. There could be no other title for MY NAME IS RESOLUTE. It suits the story, the character, and the final sentence: "Let this . . . be a record, then, that once there lived a woman, and that her name was Resolute." That was not an accident. My novel, Sarah's Quilt began life as "A Season of Courage." When the editor told me it sounded like something that would have a Purple Heart medal on the cover, I remarked, "Any woman who lives long enough deserves one." The Star Garden, as well, was named "The Spirit Level," which refers to an old name for a carpenter's or builder's leveling tool. I was told it sounded too "Out on a Limb" by Shirley McClaine.

If you are interested in some of the hundreds of novels which were lovingly named by their authors, take a look at "Now All We Need Is A Title." Feel free to borrow or purchase wherever you like. The Amazon link is here:

Until next time, signing off. This is Dan Brown, author of a few best sellers.

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